GoPrimal - Strength & Immunity (D3 2500IE / 62,5µg)

D-vitamin designet for optimalt opptak!

120 Capsules 120 days supply with coconut oil

Vitamin D3 2500 IU – Strength and Immunity

Healthier and Stronger in one take. Reduce inflammation,strengthen bones/muscles and protect your immune system agains the common flu and other viruses.


Immune system   -   Mood   -    Strength & Energy

How and when to use:
Supplements like vitamin D3 or zinc already support your immune system and should be a part of your daily routine – but eating the right vegetables and fruits will help you to stay healthy and strong additional. Vitamin D works like a light switch in your body, who turns on or off genes and processes that your body needs to maintain health.

2500IE-tilskudd skal ikke brukes av barn under 18.

kr 199,00

Active ingridients:
Vitamin D3 2500 IU ???? AS 62, 5 µG Cholecalciferol 
Coconut oil - Fish Gelatine - Glycerine - Purified water

GoPrimals Vitamin D3 er laget av saueull (Lanolin)- tilsatt kokosnøttolje for å garantere optimalt opptak.

Vitamin D3 er et fettløselig prohormon som støtter opptak og forbrenning av kalsium og fosfor.

Fact is that 80% of western population is deficient in Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 a prohormone key in the correct development of our immune system and to build solid muscle and bone structure when training strength and other high intensity sports.

120 Capsules 120 days supply ☀️ Less than 10 cents a day

We all felt that feeling during training or competition where we think we are unbreakable, we feel good, we are confident that we can lift that weight, run that fast or keep pushing to get one more rep. But what normally happens after this? we feel sick, through hurts, stomach-intestines feel funny and we just want to sleep under a blanket.

Why this feeling? well your immune system is weak, you underwent a process of exhaustion that your body was able to overcome for a while, but now is too tired and needs a recovery time. This is a similar feeling after getting a large tattoo, you swallow that pain for a while and at night you get fever.

Your immune system is having a breakdown.

Muscle and soft tissue tears, low glucose levels, accumulated stress, general inflammation. Your body is using their resources to heal and recover.

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Pricekr 199,00
Age RestrictionNo
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