Xendurance - Hydro Stix

Tren bedre og yt mer med Xendurance! Designet med fokus på ytelse og restitusjon. Kroppen din vil merke forskjell.

kr 249,00

Inneholder 20 Single Servings

Stay Hydrated All Day Long!

Hydro Stix are an easy on-the-go solution to stay hydrated all day long. Hydro Stix contain just 1 gram of sugar compared to leading sports drinks which may contain up to 32 grams of sugar per serving! Combined with premium electrolytes, Hydro Stix contain an ingredient called Sustamine®. This powerful ingredient may help with increasing absorption of water into the cells improving muscle recovery and energy*. Hydro Stix will help reduce muscle cramping and can be taken any time during the day or workout. 

  • Premier Blend of Electrolytes
  • Lactate - Body's Preferred Fuel / Efficient Energy
  • Sustamine™ - Rapid Absorption / Rehydration*
  • Natural Flavoring / Low Sugar
  • Informed-Choice & Informed-Sport Certified**
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Pricekr 249,00
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Ratings & Reviews

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