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Sidekick Bow - Starter Kit

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Fantastisk solid IASTM-verktøy

Effective Recovery for Larger Muscle Groups!

Most muscle scrapers are designed to be compact for one-hand use. This makes them effective for pinpointing specific problem areas. But how do you treat larger muscle groups?

With our incredible Bow Muscle Reliever, you can finally give larger muscle groups the relief they need! At a whopping 19,” this is a big tool for big recovery. The bow design wraps around larger muscles, allowing it to comfortably glide along your skin. Perfect for the hamstrings, quads, calves, hips and more, you’ll no longer suffer through post-workout soreness!

Our two-handled design features textured comfort grip! Not only does it provide added control, it also reduces hand fatigue for longer massages. Heavily tested and expertly designed, we hollowed the handles to reduce arm strain, but kept the body of the bow solid for ample pressure as it glides. The result? Fast, effective and more comfortable recovery!

For added versatility, the Bow is double-edged! Use the rounded bottom arc for large, sweeping strokes, and the sharper top arc for honing in on tight knots. You can customize your sessions for recovery made easy. Crafted with stainless steel, it’s as sleek as it is durable.

Why Choose the Bow Muscle Reliever?

  • Perfect for larger muscle groups
  • Comfortably weighted for effective pressure
  • Textured grip to reduce hand fatigue
  • Double-edge design for total versatility
  • Made with durable stainless steel