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Sidekick Curve - Starter Kit

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Fantastisk solid IASTM-verktøy

OBS! Curve inkluderer ikke lenger bæreveske - denne har blitt redesignet og selges separat.


Whether it’s your neck, feet or shoulders, tight, impinged muscles can put your life on hold. Scar tissue and adhesions just beneath the skin can limit blood flow to the area. As a result, you’re left with uncomfortable stiffness and limited mobility.

Treat your body to a little TLC with Sidekick’s Curve Muscle Reliever! This incredible tool works by providing myofascial release to your problem areas. Not only does this reduce pain, but it also improves overall mobility. From large muscles like the back and legs to smaller areas like the hands and knees, it offers versatile, all-over relief!

Each order will also include our Oasis Roller Gel. Made in Canada with all-natural, organic and skin-friendly ingredients, it lubricates the skin to eliminate friction while using the tool. Complete with a set of instructional videos led by a licensed chiropractor, the Curve is a must-have for new and experienced users alike.

While foam rollers and lacrosse balls only offer compression to the muscles, the Curve also helps shear and stretch tissue! Made with 100% Bian Stone, it provides appropriate pressure for relief in as little as 3 minutes.

Why Choose the Curve Muscle Reliever?

- Relieves muscle pain and tension
- Effective for both large and small muscles
- Includes lubricating Roller Gel
- Includes lifetime access to Sidekick University
- Made with 100% Bian Stone