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Sidekick Echo - Starter Kit

1.19925 kr
Beklager, men vi er tomme for denne varen.

Fantastisk solid IASTM-verktøy

Designed for the professional - the Echo has all the benefits of the Curve but more. Your muscles demand recovery. Don't settle for anything less.

Feel lighter and looser in as little as 3 minutes.

Unparalelled Grip Design

Our unique xGrip design ensures comfort and control even when in contact with oily surfaces.

The depth and shape allow it to be thoroughly cleaned so that bacteria does not get trapped within the grip.

Designed for the Professional

Recovery is the most important aspect of your training. The Echo helps you recover faster, so you can outwork your competition.

A vital tool to any practitioners tool kit. This stainless steel model is polished and non-porous to prevent bacteria buildup so that it can be used amongst all your clients.

100% Natural Spray

Each purchase includes our proprietary Revive Spray formula produced using all natural ingredients.

The spray is designed to lubricate and warm the muscles for enhanced recovery.