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Vull - Compression Champion Bike Shorts (Black)

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4.5″ inseam Champion Shorts in biker cut. The ultimate no-chafe length that that doesn’t leave it all to the imagination. Double black-on-black stripes on front of leg seams. Fully lined. Classic low rise cut. Made of Italian compression fabric.

Product Measurements

Inseam: 4.5″

Outseam: 11.25″

measurements taken from size medium

Vull Compression helps you recover better, faster, stronger, harder. Compression forces your blood to flow faster, more efficiently through narrowing your vein passageways. More blood reaching your heart faster means more oxygen-rich blood flowing back into your aching muscles. This increase in circulation can aid in flushing out lactic acid buildup and reducing overall soreness (or the dreaded DOMs).

Muscular vibration during physical activity is a real thing. Think about how much shock and energy is going through your legs and calf muscles as you pound the gym floor during double unders or catching heavy cleans. Over time, those little vibrations of the muscles add to big fatigue. As an athlete, every extra ounce of recovery and precaution can mean bigger lifts and faster times.
Our compression pieces are designed to fight fatigue, soreness AND gravity. Giving more compression at the lower contact points and gradually reducing as they hug the calves, quads and hips. Pushing de-oxygenated blood back upward to where every athlete needs it most – the heart. Start recovering before you even step off the floor.
80% Polymide 20% Elastane

100% Italian Compression Fabric